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Everyone’s different. Whether you need a functional, zippy hatchback, or you’re more suited to a sleek, easy sedan, Car Finance Australia have your needs covered.

We’re committed to helping you find the right car and the right loan, with some of the most competitive repayment rates on the market.

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How does it work?

  • We work with a range of quality Australian lenders to find the best finance for your individual circumstances
  • When the lender approves your loan, they’ll provide the funds for the purchase of the car
  • After this, they take interest on the vehicle for the duration of the loan


  • The loan is secured against the vehicle – this reduces the interest rate, as well as your out-of-pocket costs
  • A wide range of available contracts – from 12 to 84 months
  • Our rates are flexible – fixed or variable rates
  • We offer residual payments

Residual Payments

A residual payment is a lump sum payment that the customer makes at the end of a contract. It ultimately reduces the loan’s interest rate throughout its duration.

Let’s take a look at an example:

If Kirk takes out a $23,000 loan on a Mazda 6 over 3 years, he can choose to make a $7000 residual payment. This reduces the amount payable per month for the duration of the loan. At the conclusion of the 3 years, he must make that $7000 residual payment in full.

You can choose to make a residual payment. It works to reduce monthly payments and allow for some more room in your budget.

Fixed and Variable Rates

A fixed interest rate is an interest rate that stays the same throughout a loan. It allows you to easily manage and budget your funds, as your payments will never vary. Fixed payments aren’t affected by hikes in interest rates – so you won’t feel the pinch when rates rise.

A variable interest rate changes depending on interest rates. It allows you to take advantage when rates drop, meaning you’ll end up paying less. It also lets you make extra payments, which reduce the length of your loan.

Our experienced and friendly consultants will help you determine which of these will suit you better – so you can pay less in the long run.

Our Services

If you need a car, we can find a loan to suit you. We work with a range of Australian Lenders, so we have a variety of loans to suit many different customers.

Need a car loan, but you’ve got bad credit? Car Finance Australia have the right combination of experience, expertise and skills to help you secure the best possible solution to a Bad Credit Car Loan.

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Contact us if you’d like any more information. Our expert consultants are more than happy to discuss your options, and will soon set you on the right track to securing a beneficial car loan with affordable repayments.

Find out how much your loan repayments will be? It’s easy with our car loan calculator. Enter in the loan amount and term, and we will send you a free quote.


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