Tyre and Rim Insurance

Never underestimate the cost of tyre and rim repair. It can be extremely costly – so don’t get caught out paying exorbitant amounts for it.

Tyre and Rim Insurance will cover you when poor road conditions damage your car’s tyres and rims. Make sure you’re covered so you don’t get hit with a huge, unexpected repair bill.

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Tyre and Rim repair is costly, and unfortunately not always covered in a comprehensive insurance policy. Should you find your tyres or rims damaged, you may find yourself unexpectedly out of pocket.

Tyre and Rim Insurance prevent nasty surprises like this. Our consultants are always happy to help you determine which policy will suit your needs. Contact us for more information.

When will I not be covered?

Tyre and Rim Insurance only offers protection for a specific purpose; it’s not a blanket cover.

To avoid paying more, it’s important you understand a policy’s limitations before you enter into it.

Car Finance Australia’s Tyre and Rim Insurance Policy won’t provide cover for:

  • intentional criminal acts that cause damage
  • damage caused when the car is driven on a road officially deemed unsuitable

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