Motor Equity Insurance

When you’re financing a car, it’s important that you protect it with quality insurance. Motor Equity Insurance protects you in the event of a total vehicle loss. Don’t get caught paying out a loan on a car you no longer have.

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What is Motor Equity Insurance?

In the event that your comprehensive car insurer declares a total loss, the amount paid may fail to meet the amount owed. The remaining amount is called a “shortfall”. Should this situation arise, Motor Equity Insurance covers the shortfall you owe a lender.

Is there a maximum amount I can claim?

There’s a variety of options available, all covering different cars and loans. Each option has a different maximum payable amount.

Contact us to find out which option will best suit your circumstances.

Do I still need Motor Equity Insurance if I have an Agreed Value?

An Agreed Value with an insurance company may not always meet the amount payable on the loan. After all, the Agreed Value doesn’t take the interest owed into consideration. You may still need Motor Equity Insurance, so contact us to discuss your options.


The terms of a Comprehensive Insurance policy are not the same as a Motor Equity Insurance Policy. A Motor Equity Insurance Policy is designed to be a safety net, preventing you from potentially owing thousands of dollars in the event of an accident.

Motor Equity Insurance doesn’t cover early exit fees

If you have to pay your loan off before the agreed completion date, Motor Equity Insurance will not cover any early exit fees. Apart from the shortfall, Motor Equity Insurance does not cover amounts owed as part of a Car Loan agreement.

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