Private Sales Car Loans

Sometimes the car you want isn’t in a dealership. That’s why Car Finance Australia offers private, secure car loans, so you can find your ideal ride no matter where it is.

Our consultants have decades of combined experience in buying and selling cars. They’re committed to helping you find the best possible deal on a quality vehicle.

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What is a private sale loan?

  • A private sale loan is similar to a regular loan, but there’s no car dealership involved in the transaction.
  • The Lender supplies the seller the money for purchase directly and retains an interest on the vehicle.
  • The customer collects the vehicle once the funds have cleared into the seller’s account.


  • It involves slightly less pressure than regular purchase through a dealership
  • You can often negotiate a better deal with the seller
  • Your options aren’t limited to the car yard
  • Ideal for car enthusiasts

How is a private sale loan different to a regular Car Loan?

  • You might have to do some research in order to find a good deal
  • In some cases, the vehicle may not come with a warranty, which puts you at risk.

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Contact us if you’re looking for any more information. Our expert consultants are happy to discuss our private business options, and will soon set you on the right track to getting a secure or secured car loan or a beneficial private car loan.

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