Commercial Hire Purchase

Commercial Hire Purchase

Car Finance Australia understands that every business has its own unique financial structure. We take your goals and ideas seriously, so rest assured that we’ll apply them to your car finance options.

Whether you’re part of a local independent store or a large corporate business, we offer Commercial Hire Purchase Agreements that suit a wide variety of businesses. Flexible and simple, a Commercial Hire Purchase Agreement is a perfect, practical way to keep your business racing along.

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What is a Commercial Hire Purchase?

  • An agreement between you and the Lender where the financier puts forward the amount required for the car’s purchase.
  • Unlike a Car Loan, the financier then purchases the vehicle and retains ownership.
  • The vehicle is then hired back to you for a predetermined period of time.
  • At the end of the agreement, you can purchase the vehicle for a reduced amount.


  • A Commercial Hire Purchase is flexible – you can always upgrade at the end of the agreement.
  • If you really love the car you’re in, you can purchase it from the financier.
  • There are set payments – you’ll know what your payments are each and every month. This makes for a much easier way to control your finances.

Tax Benefits

  • If you’ve purchased the car for business use, you may be eligible for tax deductions.
  • You may also claim the GST (this is dependent on each individual business).

Contact us to find out more information on Commercial Hire Purchases and the tax deductions they can offer. Alternatively, get a quote.

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