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A car lease is a convenient, flexible option for business owners, and a great way to increase your tax deductions for the financial year. Here at Car Finance Australia, we offer Car Leases that suit a wide variety of businesses, whether you’re part of a local independent store or a large corporate business.
We take your goals and ideas seriously, so rest assured that we’ll apply them to your leasing options.

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What is a Car Lease?

  • The Lender purchases the car and retains ownership.
  • The Lender then leases the car back to the customer.
  • The customer pays a set amount, and can purchase the car when the agreement concludes.

Business Benefits

Car Loans provide a range of benefits to any business – big or small. These benefits can include:

  • Eligibility for tax deductions
  • Using a car for business purpose, meaning you don’t have to use your own.
  • Flexibility – the length of the loan can vary
  • The amount payable is predetermined, meaning you can more easily manage your business’ finances

Personal Benefits

  • A business car lease means you aren’t putting the miles on your personal vehicle and reducing its value.
  • Your vehicle may be available for upgrade at the close of the lease duration.

Can I lease a car for employees?

  • Yes, you have many options.
  • Novated Leases are a great option for both employees and employers.
  • Contact us to find out which option will best suit your business.

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Taking out a Car Lease is a fantastic way to improve the way your business runs. Contact us to find out more – once you’ve filled in the form, one of our expert consultants will get in touch. At Car Finance Australia, we’re here to help you find the right car finance option.

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Car Leasing is a fantastic way to improve how your business runs. To find out more, simply fill in our online enquiry form and one of our expert consultants will help you find what product is right for you.

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