5 Companies Who Aim to Perfect Self-Driving Cars in the Near Future

January 10th, 2017

Did you know that some of the world’s biggest car and tech companies are perfecting their fully autonomous driving technology? Yep. The future is now. Here are just 5 examples of companies who aim to unveil driverless cars in the near future:


Uber, the world’s most popular taxi app, has formed a 300 million dollar alliance with Volvo, with the aim of releasing driverless cars in the very near future. Uber’s driverless cars have already been tested on the roads and used to transport members of the US public (with 2 x company technicians in the car for safety and car monitoring). Uber hasn’t yet given a timeline for when these cars will be on the road technician-free, but the fact that these cars are already on the road indicates that it’s not too far away! You can read more about Uber’s self-driving cars here.


Google don’t have a set timeline for the release of their self-driving car, but they aim to have the technology perfected by 2020. Google’s self-driving cars have already driven over 2 million kilometres in completely autonomous mode. These cars are equipped with sensors and software that allow them to detect and avoid pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, road work and more from a distance of two football fields (in all directions). Google’s self-driving project is now its own independent company, called ‘Waymo’. See one of their cars in action here.

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors are also perfecting their electric driving technology. Although Tesla CEO Elon Musk originally committed to a 2018 deadline for the completion of their cars,  it is unlikely that we’ll see one of their autonomous cars on the road by then. Musk points out that it’s unlikely regulators will be ready for autonomous cars to hit the roads this soon. You can read more about Tesla’s self-driving car here, and see it in action here. Tesla’s autonomous car made headlines recently, for successfully predicting and avoiding a car crash on the freeway.



Another car giant, Toyota, is also serious about having their self-driving cars ready by 2020. In November, Toyota invested $1 billion in artificial intelligence and robotics to help make this goal a reality. You can read more about Toyota’s autonomous car project here, or watch an informational video here.

And last but not least… BMW

BMW plan to release their self-driving vehicles in China by 2021. They are also committed to releasing an all-electric and fully-autonomous car by 2025. BMW showed off some of their current self-driving technology with their self-parking all-electric i3 concept. The BMW 7 series also currently comes with self-driving features like lane-keeping assistance and side collision protection. But that’s not all… BMW are also developing a self-balancing motorbike, which is intended to be so safe that it’s impossible to fall off. You can read more about BMW’s autonomous car technology here.

It seems almost every major car and tech company out there is in the race to perfect the self-driving car! You can read about the other major companies that are working on this technology here.
We hope you like being a backseat driver!



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