5 Car Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

February 28th, 2017

Do you spend a lot of time in your car? If so, these 5 nifty gadgets are sure to enhance your driving experience.


5-Car-Accessories-You Didn’t-Know-You Needed-dashgrip

This dash grip is perfect for keeping your keys, spare change and GPS devices organised. It also prevents your belongings from slipping around your dashboard and flying out the window! The specially formulated DashGrip gel is moveable between cars and leaves no residue when removed.

You can buy it here.

‘Wondergel’ Seat Cover

5-Car-Accessories-You Didnt-Know-You Needed-wondergelThis seat cover uses patented gel to provide exceptional comfort and support. This cushion uses a unique pressure equalisation technology to deliver hours of amazing sitting comfort, and it is specifically designed for long duration seating. Traffic jams have never been comfier!

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Steering Wheel Food Tray

5-Car-Accessories-You Didn’t-Know-You Needed-food-trayThis portable tray (which is only to be used when your car is stationary!!) attaches to your steering wheel and can be used as a makeshift in-car dining table or desk. This little tray table is essential if you often need to eat or work from your car. You can buy the tray here, and there is also this nifty variation for the back seats.

Belkin Cassette Adaptor

5-Car-Accessories-You Didnt-Know-You Needed-belkin-cassette-adaptorOkay… there aren’t many cars with cassette players around these days, but we still reckon this gadget is pretty handy. If you drive an old banger but want modern sound, this cassette adaptor is for you. The adaptor easily connects your phone’s music to your stereo via your car’s in-dash cassette player. It provides an easy way to transfer quality sound from any portable audio device to your stereo whilst on the road.

You can buy it here.

Car Gap Protectors

Sick of dropping your phone, keys, card or other small objects down the gap next to your car seat? Then this car gap protector will come in pretty handy. These gap fillers will fit securely in any car or truck model – just think, you’ll never have to reach your hand into the abyss again!

Buy it here.

There are plenty more accessories we could list… but we’ll save them for next time. At Car Finance Australia, we provide a range of car finance services including car loans, leases and more in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin. Don’t hesitate to contact usfor more information.

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